4 Cutting-Edge Hemp-Based Products That Can Benefit Future Generations

Hemp is known as one of the most versatile plants on earth. It contains many properties that make it a significant part of nature. For many years, humans use it as a raw material for a long list of industrial products, ranging from papers and ropes to soaps and cosmetics. Its seeds are also being processed to produce hemp seed oil, a superfood that helps promotes healthy living.

But hemp’s astounding gifts to humanity doesn’t stop here. Here are some of the hemp-derived products that can provide many benefits in the future.

CBD Hemp Oil

Industrial hemp is one of the sources of high-grade CBD oil. The cannabidiol extract from hemp is currently one of the safest and most useful products from the plant. It is because CBD hemp oil has only traces of THC, the compound that leads to mood changes. This quality makes the cannabidiol from this plant safer to consume than the CBD from marijuana.

Aside from the medicinal properties of hemp-derived CBD oil, scientists are still in the process of discovering cannabidiol’s therapeutic potentials. Some researchers say that this substance derived from hemp and cannabis can be a key to cure some of the most life-threatening diseases.


Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that the seeds from industrial hemp could be processed into viable and environment-friendly diesel fuel. One researcher said that most farmers could produce enough hemp fibers for creating fuel to power their entire farm. Soon, we can use biofuel as an alternative to petroleum-based fuels.


A North Carolina company Hemp Technologies, is currently producing a variety of durable and sustainable construction materials.  The company’s founders claim their products HempCrete, Hemp Insulation, and Hemp Mulch have many beneficial properties. They are resistant to fire, mold, termites, and dry rot, partly because these materials contain lime that makes it harden over time. These materials are currently available for building environment-friendly homes only in some areas in the U.S. and Canada. But it won’t take long before builders use these eco-friendly materials in constructing the durable houses in many parts of the world.


Scientists have been working on developing supercapacitors that can store energy many times more efficient and eco-friendlier than current sources of energy.

Aside from exceedingly expensive graphene nanosheets (which can cost $2,000 per gram), hemp is one of the materials that can be turned into a supercapacitor. In 2014, a team of Canadian researchers found a way to produce nanosheets derived from this plant’s fibers. David Mitlin, a member of the group, said the electrochemical performance of the device that they developed is on par with or even better than its graphene-based counterpart.

Scientists also claim that hemp-based carbon nanosheets can outperform standard supercapacitors by nearly 200%.

While the development of the hemp-based supercapacitor is still on the research stage, it won’t take long before this product is commercially available.

These products are just samples of what we can develop from hemp. With the development of technology and increased interest in anything related to cannabis, we can discover more amazing products from this plant.

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