4 Reasons to Buy Marijuana Products from a Dispensary Rather Than a Dealer

4 Reasons to Buy Marijuana Products from a Dispensary Rather Than a Dealer

Let’s face it. Even with medical and recreational cannabis becoming legal in Colorado, the black market for marijuana products isn’t going away any time soon. Some dealers will always find a market for products even in states like California and Colorado where marijuana is legal. 

However, the available record of performance at cannabis dispensaries in Niwot with some history in Colorado offers proof that dispensaries offer more than any local dealer. 

Here are the main reasons why buying cannabis from a dispensary in Niwot Colorado is better than your local dealer. 

  • Develop Trust 

It is easy and comfortable to create and develop a lasting relationship with your local cannabis dispensary. That’s not the case with local cannabis dealers. Here, you may think you know your supplier well, but the dealer is motivated by the profit transaction instead of sustaining a quality customer service relationship. 

The local dealer needs you when they have a product to move, and you need a dealer to satisfy your demand. The demand and supply, and not any other value fix the price for the product. This doesn’t work to build trust. 

  • Reduces Health Risks 

A local dealer buys cannabis from illegal growers who have no legal incentive to use herbicides and pesticides. Further, they don’t have an incentive to assure the product they’re selling is safe for consumption. 

That’s not the case with legal dispensaries, all products sold here must be grown under strict regulations. This includes going through lab testing procedures to ensure that the batch is free of toxins, moulds, and contaminants, and so on. 

You might be thinking this isn’t an issue considering that people have been using illegal weed for decades. But the long term health effects of putting these biological and chemical toxins into your body can be slow and insidious to develop. 

  • Buying at a Dispensary Gives More Options 

Yes, your local dealer may have a few different strains of cannabis and a few types of products like cartridges. On very rare occasions will you find a drug dealer with a wide variety of safe and quality strains, tinctures, vape pens, capsules, and edible oils. 

When you buy your medicine online at a City of Niwot website, you’ll know how much CBD and THC is in the product. Furthermore, you have an array of strains available to you including low-THC and high-CBD strains and vice versa.

  • Availability of Expert Advice 

Budtenders, as salespeople are required to have strong knowledge on the use and efficacy of marijuana products and strains. Yes, you can ask your dealer for something that doesn’t make you sleepy, but can they guarantee this? 

Unlike local dealers, dispensaries are at a greater risk than dealers when handing out advice. For instance, if they give wrong or misleading information, they risk getting bad reviews and potential legal problems. 


Hopefully, these four reasons will give you a strong incentive to seek reputable dispensaries for your medical and recreational marijuana. That way, you’ll be assured of the product’s quality and effectiveness. 

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