5 Tips to Choose The Right Mass Gainer Supplement

5 Tips to Choose The Right Mass Gainer Supplement

Any of us who desires to convert their physique to a muscular one looks at mass gainers as a ray of hope. However, anything that you use to bring about a change in your body should be considered carefully, before you begin to depend on it, and a mass gainer supplement is no exception. Making a careful study of what you are using can never make you go wrong in your choice.

Why Would You Want It?

It is quite apparent from the name that the mass gainer helps you gain weight but not as per norms. We normally tell people who want to gain weight to eating more calories than you burn out. We gain weight in the form of a pot belly rather than muscle mass. So if you want to gain muscles, you need to start looking out for a good muscle gainer. Various reasons, like a busy lifestyle or high metabolism, could prevent you from gaining weight. So you start looking around the mass gainer supplement which will help you.

Tips for choosing a muscle gainer

Remember that your target is muscle gain and not fat gain. Thus, you have to remember that you need high-quality nutrients to enable you to achieve your muscle gain and maintain what you have gained. When you are keen on muscle gain, you would always go for the best bodybuilding supplements in India. However,considerthe following before you buy a mass gainer:

  • The protein that is present in the mass gainer is a combination of whey, milk protein and casein.  A ratio of 3:1 of carbs and proteins in the perfect ratio. The whey helps to supply nutrients to the distressed muscle tissues post a heavy-duty workout.Complex carbs provide constant energy needed for exercise.
  •  A quality mass gainer keeps sugar at the lowest level. Choose a mass gainer that comprisesof sugar upto maximum 6g per 100g. If it is more than that, remember that you have chosen an expensive sugar substitute over a proper mass gainer and it will not help you in any way.
  • Before you choose the mass gainer, ensure that it has digestive enzymes to reduce side effects like bloating.
  •  Multivitamins are essential to build immunity and give energy. Make sure that yourmass gainer contains them. Vital nutrients relieve the metabolic stress that exercise creates.
  • The best mass gainer should contain creatine in it to provide energy for lifting sessions.  You cannot build muscle mass without working out intensely. Creatine gives you the energy for the workouts.

After having made your choice make sure you follow directions given on its label or in a booklet to get the best results. Remember also that a mass gainer is not sufficient. Your food must also be healthy because a mass gainer is only a supplement to your meals and a proper workout.

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