Allegra – Perfect For Avoiding Allergies Right From The Core

Allegra – Perfect For Avoiding Allergies Right From The Core

The Allegra capsules are widely used by people and even recommended by doctors. It is also known as an antihistamine, which is mainly used for relieving some symptoms associated with allergy like runny nose, watery eyes and itching yes or nose, hives, sneezing and even itching. It can easily work by blocking some natural substances like histamine, which can further grow in your body during any form of allergic reaction. It is always mandatory to have a direct chat or conversation with the doctor or pharmacist before you plan to take help of this medication. After checking out the symptoms and examining your condition, the doctors will eventually recommend if you need to take this medicine or not.

Ways you have to use this medicine:

If you are planning to take help of the OTC medicine to treat yourself on your own, then be sure to read through all about the product package, before you end up taking this medicine. In case, you have any question in mind, make sure to consult the pharmacist. In case, the doctor has actually prescribed you to take this medicine, then he or she might have directed the dosage of it as well. Make sure to follow that, which is around 2 times daily usually. There should be a difference of 12 hours between the doses.

  • In case, you are mainly using the liquid form of this medicine, don’t forget to shake the bottle before you cover each one of the dose and then get to measure it in a careful manner, using the special measuring spoon or device. You can get the measuring device with the liquid bottle.
  • Avoid using any of the household spoons for measurement as it will not provide you with the correct dose. Make sure to take the tablet or capsule or even the medicine in its liquid form with or even without food.
  • If you are planning to use the tablet which will dissolve rapidly, then you make sure to take it on an empty stomach.  You better give this tablet some time to dissolve completely by keeping it on your tongue and then swallow it. For that, you don’t always have to use water. Avoid removing the tablet from blister pack until you are using it immediately.
  • In case, you are using the liquid to intake this medicine, then you have to take this with water. Avoid taking this medicine with fruit juices as that might decrease the current absorption of the drugs.
  • The dosage is completely based on the medical condition, age and even response to the treatment. Avoid increasing the dose or taking this often and more than what has been directed.
  • Another interesting point for you to consider is not taking in any antacid with this medicine as those antacids will contain magnesium or aluminum. You should not take Allegra within 2 hours of taking this medicine. Antacids have the power to decrease absorption of the fexofenadine.

If the medicine fails to work or the condition has worsens even after consuming the medicine, then you better consult your doctor now. They will check the dosage and might change it. In some cases, they might change the entire medicine.

Handling the side effects with ease:

Every kind of medicine has its share of side effects because of the ingredients used for composing the medicine. Not everyone is well equipped with all the composited ingredients. The same goes with this Fexofenadine as well. Fever, cough and even stomach upset, are some of the common symptoms that you care to get over here. If any of these issues worsen or persist, then you have to immediately contact your pharmacist or doctor.

  • If the doctor has prescribed this sort of medicine, always remember that the expert has judged and examined your body before offering it to you. They might work about the side effects too, but that won’t be as big of a deal when compared with the help. Most of the people taking help of this medicine will not have any serious side effects.
  • Suffering from some of the serious allergic reactions because of using this medicine is quite rare. But, you are always asked to get the much needed medical help if you ever notice any of the symptoms, as mentioned before, to be associated with serious allergic reactions. Some of those allergic reactions are swelling or itching, rash, tongue face of throat swelling, trouble breathing and severe dizziness. If you face any of these symptoms, calling experts for help is important.
  • Well, this is not the complete list of side effects that you might get with this medicine. In case, you notice any of the other side effects, which are not mentioned over here, then better contact your pharmacist or doctor right away.

In the USA, the doctors are called for medical advices associated with side effects. You can easily report the side effects to FDA by giving a call at its official number or sending an email. 

Check out on the precautionary measures:

Before you even take this medicine from, remember to inform your doctor in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients, used for composing this medicine. If you are suffering from any other allergies, make sure to mention that as well. The product might even contain some of the inactive ingredients, which might cause allergic reactions or other issues. For some more details, you can call the pharmacists.

Before you end up using this medicine, you can tell the pharmacist or doctor about the medical history you have been associated with, especially if you have kidney diseases to cover. Before undergoing any surgery, remember to tell experts about items that you are using, non-prescribed, prescribed or herbal ones.

Remember that liquid products comprise of sugar. Then you have the rapid dissolving tablets, which might have their share of aspartame. You have to be cautious if you are suffering from diabetes, PKU or any of the other conditions. It might require you to avoid or limit substances like this one in your diet plan. 

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