Crunchy Cat Food Helps Prevent Plaque and Dental Problems

Crunchy Cat Food Helps Prevent Plaque and Dental Problems

The percentages are high that adult cats will have a plaque and dental problems at some point. Prevention is a cat’s guardian best tool. Crunchy dry food along with daily brushing will be the best tools for the guardian of a kitten/cat to use to prevent gingivitis.

I use the term guardian instead of owner, because no one owns a cat. All cat guardians know I am telling the truth. Cat’s rule in their world and we just get what they decide to give us.


When a cat is feed a diet of soft food only, it increases the chances of dental problems. Food becomes trapped in the areas among the teeth and at the gum line. This is the first step for bacteria to develop and turn into plaque.

Plaque left untreated will turn into gingivitis and gingivitis turns into periodontal disease. This does affect the quality of life for your feline friend.

Dental problems can lead to heart failure, damage the kidneys and liver. Cats are great at hiding their pain so they may have a sinus infection, toothache, or an ulcer on the gums and you not know it. Even, arthritis and diabetes can be traced back to dental problems.

Dental problems left untreated can and will lead to major health issues for your cat.


Crunchy food helps to break down plaque already present and also helps prevent plaque from building up on the cat’s teeth. It helps to stimulate the gums around the gums and increases blood flow to that area. This helps prevent plaque buildup and that helps to prevent gingivitis the precursor to periodontal disease.

Crunchy food helps keep out the buildup of food between and around teeth and this helps keep bacteria from attacking the gums. The bacteria may start in the gums but it will travel all through the body to become the root problem of other diseases as I mentioned before.

The dry crunchy food should be small bite size pieces. I recommend that you should read the package and make sure that it’s made with animal contents instead of mostly grain. Cats are carnivorous. They are made to eat meat products.

I buy organic holistic food for my cats and they just love it. I am not only feeding them good food to prevent teeth and gum issues but good quality food that helps all their body. I do not mind spending a little more for the food because I know I will be saving a huge amount at the vet’s by avoiding periodontal disease and related disease caused by periodontal disease.

Moist canned or package food is treated as a huge treat at my house. Yes, they get a little but as a treat only. I make sure that even their moist food is organic and holistic. Their main diet is dry crunchy food.


Bad breath is usually one of your first signs of dental problems. It is not the only sign nor is bad breath always due to dental problems. Your vet should be consulted for a correct diagnosis.

Cat’s favorite hobby is grooming itself. If you notice your cat not grooming along with bad breath start looking for other signs of dental problems. This could include smelly coat, runny nose and weight loss.

These systems could also be sign of a broken or cracked tooth and other problems.

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