How are Vaginal and rectal Suppositories distinct and applicable?

How are Vaginal and rectal Suppositories distinct and applicable?

Presently, two common types of suppositories may include Vaginal and Rectal types. Both types are used by medical experts for treating different types of conditions. Besides, both types are also considered as different forms of medications and have different applications.

Vaginal Suppositories

These are round in shape (in general) and may be soft types. These vaporize easily the moment it is inserted inside the vaginal opening. They are also oval in shape and can be inserted in vagina or inside the urethra.

These are a type of medication that is used for treating conditions like:-

  • Infections caused by fungal or bacteria.
  • Helps in treating dryness within the vaginal region (especially in adult women).
  • Helps in regulating child birth (implements birth control).

There are also special types of vaginal suppositories that are to be inserted inside the urethra opening. These are used for curing Urethral infections, urinary bladder infections, and erectile dysfunction in Males.

The drug used as common erectile dysfunction drug is rice grain in size but is considered to be most effective.

Rectal Suppositories

These are longer in length and often have much harder top cover. These types are to be inserted inside the human body from the rectum opening. There are wide variations of conditions in which these drugs prove effective.

They are commonly used for treating different conditions including:-

  • Health related mental illness, nausea and motion sickness.
  • Hemorrhoids, itching and pain related issues.
  • Constipation, intestine and stomach illness.
  • Fever, allergies, stress and anxiety related illness.

There certainly are a number of other conditions during which the health expert may recommend you to take rectal or vaginal suppositories.

Reasons why you need to use these medications

There certainly are a number of reasons during which the experts may recommend and prescribe suppositories medications.

  • This type of medication easily gets used up by our body and so they act much faster as compared to oral pills, syrups and injections.
  • The medication does not have to be swallowed and so no chances of vomit feeling.
  • Patients suffering from vomiting can easily take this medication from vaginal or rectum region.
  • In case you don’t like the taste of any particular medicine, then this can be taken in the form of suppositories.

Points to keep in mind

The moment you are taking this form of medication, you need to follow strict prescription and guidelines mentioned by your physician.

It is obvious that CBD rectal suppositories are not much different as compared to vaginal suppositories, but in few cases, medicines can only be taken via rectum region, so it offers with best benefit.

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