Monoclonal Antibodies And Their Side Effects

Monoclonal Antibodies And Their Side Effects

What are mAbs made of?

An antibody is regarded as the protein that binds to another specific protein called as antigen. Antibody plays a role circulating throughout the body until it finds the antigen target. 

Monoclonal antibodies are the antibodies that target an antigen, a cancer cell antigen, explicitly. These can be made in laboratories and are said to be monoclonal antibody drugs. 

These mAbs play a vital role in treating several diseases that include some types of cancers. To monoclonal antibody drugs can be prepared with researchers at work and proven effective against most treatments, including some cancers.

The mAbs are man-made proteins that are similar to human antibodies that form the immune system. There are four ways to make mAbs, and are named on the particular ones as follows: 

  • Murine

These proteins are made via mouse proteins and the names of the treatment associated with this mAb end in -omab.

  • Chimeric

These proteins combine part mouse and part human, with treatment names ending in -ximab.

  • Humanised


When attached to human proteins, these proteins are made out of small parts of the mouse proteins, and this treatment ends in -zumab.

  • Human

These proteins are made from human proteins, and treatment names end with -umab.

Monoclonal Antibodies: Possible side effects

Monoclonal antibodies are injected directly into the vein. The mAbs are themselves proteins and, when injected into the vein, can cause possible allergies or other reactions in the body. There are several potential side effects of monoclonal antibody drugs, as follows: 

  • Weakness

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Rashes

  • Diarrhea

  • Low blood pressure

These normal reactions are bearable and cured, yet when compared with chemotherapy drugs, the naked mAbs may have some severe side effects. Some monoclonal antibody drugs are specific to the antigen they target for, and they are as follows:

Bevacizumab aka Avastin

It targets the protein called VEGF, affecting the tumour blood vessel growth. This leads to high blood pressure, bleeding and clots, poor wound healing, and kidney damage.

Cetuximab aka Erbitux

This antibody mAb targets protein called EGFR found on skin cells may be benign or malignant. This drug can cause severe rashes for some patients.

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