Need to know all about SMILE LASIK Surgery

Need to know all about SMILE LASIK Surgery

The so-called youth and millennials are a group of citizens with one of the most active lifestyles. Younger people also seem to have more energy and have better immunity. This generation is a hot topic due to its short attention span and the idea of ​​quick results, quick fixes, and immediate recovery.

Considering the above, adolescents prefer vision correction surgery which is less invasive, comfortable, heals faster, and reduces the risk of sequelae such as dry eye and pink eye.

A variety of LASIK eye surgeries are currently available in India. However, one of the most advanced laser vision correction surgeries is SMILE surgery. It is an extraction of a small incision lens that can easily fit in a youngster’s pocket and achieve accurate results.


What is the SMILE procedure?

SMILE is a one-step minimally invasive laser surgery. During SMILE surgery, surgeons use a computer-guided, high-focus laser to make a small incision in the cornea and use it to remove small pieces of corneal tissue (called microlenses).

SMILE Eye Surgery Los Angeles is a very comfortable vision correction surgery.

Many young patients prefer SMILE because it is a very comfortable procedure. It’s almost painless. The reason for the convenience is that the ZEISS VisuMax Femtosecond Laser has very low eye suction power, unlike other laser procedures which can create flaps and put excessive pressure on the eye.

SMILE is a third-generation vision correction procedure and is minimally invasive.

Additionally, many patients choose to undergo SMILE as they may not be suitable for the inherently invasive LASIK or Femtraseek procedures due to the formation of large skin flaps on the cornea.

The SMILE procedure opens a 2mm keyhole on the corneal surface and removes the microlens to correct vision. The biomechanical resistance of the cornea is better preserved during the ReLExSMILE procedure. The SMILE program is also simple and easy to understand. After making an incision in the keyhole, the doctor removes the microlens to change the shape of the cornea. ReLEx SMILE procedures are approved by the US FDA and are very safe and reliable.

Minimally invasive surgery stabilizes vision longer and helps young people succeed in life (H2). Many young patients frequently ask – How long will the results of SMILE vision correction surgery last? The results of laser vision correction surgery such as SMILE are permanent. As a result, more than 1.5 million patients worldwide undergo this vision correction surgery. The only reason the results of the SMILE procedure change is when your prescription changes. Flapless and bladeless laser vision correction procedures are also inexpensive.

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