Selank Peptide: Available for Researchers

Selank Peptide: Available for Researchers

With anxiolytic and nootropic properties, Selank happens to be a small peptide produced in Russia. Selank is a synthetically produced analogue of natural Tuftsin which is an immunomodulatory peptide. It regulates BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, monoamine neurotransmitters, IL-6 and T helper cells. Synthetic Selank has additional four amino acids which make it different from Tuftsin. These additional acids enhance both half-life and metabolic stability. This peptide has been tasted as a potential treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. 

Effects on anxiety

Selank has shown positive results with neuroprotective and antianxiety effects in treating anxiety. Selank has similar mode of action as classical antianxiety medications like benzodiazepine. Selank increases GABA’s inhibitory action by allosterically modulating GABAA receptors. The peptide positively influences learning and memory, decreases stress levels, improves mood and reduces anxiety. Just like benzodiazepine, Selank also have a seductive effect. But there are no side effects like amnesia, symptoms of withdrawal or habit formation. There are 84 genes which are involved in the GABA gene signaling. Selank is capable of targeting the expressions of 45 genes moderately while strongly influencing 7 other gene’s expressions. That is how this peptide stimulates and influences gene expressions in the neurons and also the affinity of GABA. Research on rat models shows that benzodiazepine and Selank have similar effects on generalized anxiety disorder. When combined together, these two can actually treat unpredictable chronic mild stress in the best way. Selank also modulates enkephalin degradation. Increased enkephalins activity in blood degrades the enkephalins. Selank inhibits enkephalins and preserve the anxiolytic peptide by resetting enzymatic pathway. 

Effects on immune system

The production of inflammatory cytokine IL-6 depends on a gene. Selank inhibits this gene in patients suffering from depression. But it does not inhibit the same gene in healthy individuals. That is why this peptide is useful in treating depression, nerve pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, headache, fatigue, severe anxiety, anxiety-asthenic disorders. Due to its capability to modify the expression of IL-6 and stabilize enkephalins, it improves asthenic symptoms like pain and fatigue. In the inflammatory pathway, the peptide affects the expression of around 34 genes including the ones affecting cytonites, chemokines and the receptors for both. The expression of Bcl6 which promotes immune development, is specifically affected by Selank. This action of the peptide helps us to understand the immune system as well as the complex biological effects. Selank is capable of altering the immune system balance and modulate inflammation. 

Memory and learning

Along with treating anxiety, Selank reduces its effects on cognitive function. During research, this peptide was capable of improving memory storage and traceability in rats. To relieve stress related memory impairment, it boosts memory. It targets expressions of 36 genes. Most of these genes are proteins associated with membranes. Research results have proven that Selank is capable of helping in easy access as well as formation of memory. 

Selank has been subcutaneously available excellently in mice during research. But the same has not yet been proven in human body. Selank is available only for licensed researchers and they can buy Selank online.

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