Tactical Defender Pens With Handcuff Key- Defender X Tactical Pen

Defender X Tactical Pen:- Aptly known as tactical defender pens, these pens help in providing protection to you and your loved ones when you fear that situations are not favorable. You can use these pens if you feel that someone is trying to harm you. The best thing is that these pens can be carried to almost all places, even to places where carrying knives or guns are prohibited. Carrying this pen is absolutely legal and there are no chances that you will be trapped in any legal harassment. As a tool for self-defense, such pens are being carried to courts, college and school campuses, airplanes, trains or in buildings which you think are not very safe.

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How does a Tactical Defender Pens work actually?

It is the features in the defender pen that makes it different from an ordinary pen. The main element with which the pen is made is aluminum. Aluminum is a strong yet light metal and widely used in different kinds of tactical devices for its tensile strength. The specialty of this pen is that it has ‘window shattering tip design’. In case you are trapped in a building, inside a vehicle etc, the sharp tip of the pen can help in breaking the glass and provide an escape route.

“I can’t believe they’re giving this tactical pen with a built in flashlight away for 75% off”

The second prominent feature of the tactical defender pen is the flashlight. Don’t be mistaken – it is not an ordinary flashlight that the pen has. The companies which manufacture these pens claim that these pens have the brightest light source in portable format. When lit directly at the eyes of the person in front, he/she will be dazzled for some time for sure. And this is the time when you can escape from the danger.

Like any ordinary pen, this tactical pen contains ink and can be used in writing. If you take this pen to college, you can take notes with the same as well as have a self defense tool handy. The amazing thing about the pen is that it can be used in all weather conditions – you can write with the pen underwater as well as in heavy rains.

The pen looks like any other ordinary pen and can be carried conveniently in the pocket. For using the flashlight, just remove the tip off the end of the pen and press the button. The strong flashlight is activated by the process.



Pricing of Tactical Defender Pens

Using this pen is extremely easy and convenient. Therefore people in any age and of any gender can use the same without any problem. The effectiveness of the pen is such that it can be used on one who is double your size. The price of these pens is also highly affordable. Most of them are charged at little above $20. However, if these pens are bought in bulk, they seem to be cheaper.

A good looking self defense tool, the tactical defender pen has become a favorite with many college going and office going people. To purchase such pens, visit the official website of the company manufacturing the pen and place order there.