The Most Effective And Powerful Ways To Transplant Cannabis

The Most Effective And Powerful Ways To Transplant Cannabis

Did you sow the seeds in a smaller pot? Have the plants grown too much for the size of your pot? Don’t worry; you can easily transplant the cannabis plants to allow them to achieve better health. But there are certain things you must be aware of if you don’t want the transplantation to deteriorate the yield quality.

Moreover, transplanting the plants allow their roots to expand by providing abundant space. It helps you harvest the best quality yield. Transplanting isn’t, however, always necessary. But look for the following signs that can tell you if your plant roots are tangled and “rootbound”-

Insubstantial plant growth

Undersized flowers

Reddening of the stems

Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional intolerance

But how to tell if the plant needs to be moved to another container?

The leaves, roots, and vegetative stage can tell you when to transplant the plant to the new pot. Let’s see how-

Leaves: You can move a young plant from a smaller pot to a bigger one once it has sprouted more than 4 or 5 leaves sets. However, the scenario may vary depending on the strain type.

Root: A healthy plant has roots that are visible from the drainage hole of the pot. If you observe discolored or dark roots, you have to start with the transplantation process immediately.

Vegetative stage: Transplant the plants as soon as they begin to produce flowers. Why? Because they need a substantial amount of space for the roots to develop. It will result in increased plant size and enhanced yield volume.

Why not use a bigger pot in the first place, then?

Why transplant the plants twice or thrice when you can sow the seeds in a bigger pot altogether? After all, it will save a lot of your time and efforts, right? Well, things aren’t as easy as they seem. You’ll have to deal with water issues if you sow the cannabis seeds in a bigger pot. The plant roots won’t spread out to absorb enough water and nutrients in a bigger pot.

And excessive watering will waterlog the plant, and the roots will begin to rot. Therefore, sow the seeds in a smaller pot and transplant the plants at the right time for better water and nutrients absorption. And yet, if you want to grow plants in a larger pot, ensure that you do not water the entire pot soil but around the plant stalk only. Regardless of whether or not you transplant the plants, you must buy top-quality seeds for the best quality crop.

Here are some things to take care of while transplanting the cannabis plants: 

Add enough water so that it does not stop growing.

Do not transplant if the temperature is very hot, as the plants may begin to deteriorate.

Make sure that the soil is in good condition.

Make sure that you do not damage the plant in the process.

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