What Are Speed Braces And Who Should Get Them?

What Are Speed Braces And Who Should Get Them?

Having that perfect smile is something that everybody thinks about. It just gives you the confidence boost even if you think you don’t need it. Being able to smile carelessly knowing that you have pearly whites that would make anyone envious is possible no matter what bone structure you had thanks to speed braces from orthodontist Reston Va.

Knowing whether or not you should get speed braces is important because it’s an option that people fail to capitalize on. By getting dental braces, you’re taking advantage of the technology to prevent yourself from ever feeling inadequate with the set of teeth that you have.

What Are Speed Braces?

With the use of spring clips, speed braces can straighten your teeth by aligning your teeth without much discomfort or pain. Those two are often associated with traditional metal braces due to their rigid build. With the advancement of technology, dental braces are now as comfortable as ever.

Speed braces truly live up to its name because it’s faster compared to the alternatives in terms of the timeline that you have to work with if you want to achieve a flawless smile. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from better overall oral health.

Who Should Get Speed Braces?

Folks who were not able to get traditional braces that were popular when they were children can get speed braces at any time. Simply asking your orthodontist Reston VA about the possible options that you have and finding out whether speed braces are included is already enough to set you on the right path.

While traditional metal braces take 1 to 2 years of treatment time, speed braces will take less than a year to yield results. Anyone with speed braces for a little over 6 months can easily pass the eye test on the improvement rate.

You Want Discretion

Getting traditional braces later on in life can feel awkward because you’ll have bulgy and somewhat easily noticeable installations inside your mouth. The endless questions of “are those braces” will indeed get tiring after the first day at work. With speed braces, that won’t be an issue because they’re lowkey making them barely noticeable.

You Want to Feel Comfortable

Feeling comfortable while you wait for your perfect smile is achievable with speed braces. As stated above, they’re smaller compared to traditional metal braces so you won’t have anything that will irritate your gums or lips. Compared to elastic ties, there won’t be much friction on your teeth.

You Want Optimal Results

Everytime you brush your teeth, you’re going to have to take a look. It’s inevitable. Going to an orthodontist Reston VA for speed braces will net you with faster results while remaining efficient. You don’t have to keep tiring yourself by setting appointments too often. You simply have to look in the mirror and see for yourself the progress that you’re getting with your speed braces. As with the name, you don’t have to wait for too long to see these results as they’re going to come to you quickly.

Your orthodontist Reston Va from the Stang Family Orthodontics clinic can help you bring back that perfect smile. Whether you’re 7 or 77, we have the right treatment for you!

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