Why is bat guano a popular fertilizer for growing cannabis? 

Why is bat guano a popular fertilizer for growing cannabis? 

Growing cannabis is about heavy buds rich in resin. It all depends on how you augment it with the right factors. Your cannabis plants need water, light, nutrients, and more. The right type of nutrient will ensure good quality, rich bud. Of late, Bat Guano, a unique natural product, is taking the driver’s seat in letting the marijuana grow in the right direction.

There is no doubt, fertilization methods have experienced amazing progress in recent times, and knowledge of nature plays an essential role. Bat guano is a clear example of natural nutrients with high levels of essential nutrients that make it a truly valuable product in growing organic weed.

Why use bat guano for growing cannabis? 

When you use bat guano, you deploy a great way to improve your soil fertility and dramatically improve the final aroma and taste of your cannabis flowers. Guano has many advantages (once mined and cleaned) when used in the garden and made available by bats worldwide.

In simple words, Guano means bat poop. It is usually found in abundance in the depths of the bat caves in Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Jamaica, Peru, India, and Asia

Below find some information about guano flexibility and the associated benefits:

1 – Bat guano can be mixed with hot water and applied as a tea

2 – It can be made into an organic mix with chicken manure

3 – Use it directly in the soil

Benefits of using bat guano

1 -Adding Guano to the compost speeds up the process of composting.

2 – A slow working manure, Guano provides nutrients throughout plant life.

3 – It works as a pH adjuster,

4 – It improves soil texture. If the soil is too loose or too dense, the Guano will loosen or bind the texture and allow water to work efficiently.

5 – Guano can help flush toxic elements from the soil and protect the roots.


True cannabis lovers always want high-quality, rich, and organic marijuana. Guano is a better way to plant cannabis when growing indoors or outdoors, Find it at https://homegrowncannabisco.com/grow-your-own-with-kyle-kushman/advanced-techniques/bat-guano/

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