6 Facts about Eyelash Extensions to Decide Whether They’re Right for You

6 Facts about Eyelash Extensions to Decide Whether They’re Right for You

You are so much tempted to apply eyelash extensions, but hesitate with a thought that whether they’d be right for you?

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If you have short or thin eyelashes, it’s natural to feel like having longer and fuller lashes in some or the other way.

Well, eyelash extensions are a surefire way to have them. Here are some facts about eyelash extensions that can help you decide whether they are right for you or not.

1. Is Blindness a Side Effect of Eyelash Glue?

This thought might be really scary; however, fortunately, this isn’t at all true. But an allergic reaction may be caused by the lash glue.

To decide whether your eyes are allergic or sensitive to the lash glue, the technician must perform a patch test.

If your eyes are not allergic or sensitive, and your technician is an expert trained professional, the process of applying the lashes would be totally harmless.

If you suffer from an allergic reaction, the worst scenario may be that you’d have to go to an eye doctor to get particular eye drops for the allergy. But you will not definitely go blind.

2. How Often Should the Lash Extensions be Redone?

Your lash extensions will last for a full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. This may be from 6 to 8 weeks.

Since lash growth varies from person to person, it’s recommended to have light lash maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain the fuller look.

3. Do They Fall Out?

Since every lash extension is attached to a single natural eyelash, it will fall out with the natural growth cycle of every lash. It’s recommended to do a touchup every 3 to 4 weeks.

If the lash extensions are applied wrongly by an untrained technician, she’d usually apply one extension to 3-4 natural lashes, resulting in clumps or breakage and falling out of the lashes.

They may even fall out if you try to pull them out on your own or pick at them. This is an absolute no-no.

If you avoid the above scenarios, your lashes should remain intact.

4. Can You Wear Mascara?

Yes, you can. But apply it only on the tips of the extensions with an extremely light hand. That much amount is sufficient to provide your eyes a dramatic effect along with your extensions.

If you apply mascara at the base of the extensions, it will cause clumps.

5. Will They Damage Natural Lashes?

It’s a big myth that lash extensions damage natural lashes. Actually they don’t.

You should just take care to use the best product like the best eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash and the best technician who’d apply them properly.

This way, your natural lashes won’t be damaged at all.

Also, make sure you don’t rub your eyes or pull out the extensions. If you do, it will damage your natural lashes.

6. Certified Professional

Since lashes and their surrounding area are so sensitive, you should find a technician who is certified to apply lashes, like the ones at https://www.fancylash.net/eyebrow-shaping-sydney/.

So, are you now feeling confident about getting beautiful lash extensions?

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