Grow Different Colored Potatoes

Potato Varieties

How many different potatoes do you know? Did you know that there are more than 100 varieties of potatoes in the USA alone? There are seven main types of potatoes. They are Russet, Red, Yellow, White, Fingerlings, New, Purple or Blue potatoes. These types of potatoes vary in sizes, colors and could be starchy, waxy, or all-purpose. 

Potato Category

  •     Starchy potatoes:These are best for frying and baking because they have a high starch and their insides are fluffy. They also make for great mashed potatoes. Example of these types of potatoes is Russet and Red potato.
  •     Waxy Potatoes:They have creamy firm flesh and thin skin. They are high in moisture and, even after cooking, hold their shape. This makes them ideal for casseroles and salad dressing. Examples include New and Fingerlings Potato.
  •     All-Purpose:These potatoes have medium starch and enough moisture to make it hold its shape. This makes them perfect for recipes that do not require too much starch or moisture.                                                                                            

Growing Different Colored Potatoes

Potatoes come in different colors and sizes and can be grown in a bag or the fields. Whatever color you decide to grow, you’ll need a lot of sunlight and the potato variety you’d like to grow.

Growing Red Potatoes: 

Find a place with up to 7 hours of sunlight, then start by preparing the soil. Do this by turning it over and adding compost at least 5 inches into the ground. The Red potato thrives in a cool environment; about 60F is excellent. After the frost, mix some fertilizer into your soil and plant.

Before you plant, cut the red potato into small parts with leaf buds or eyes(the smaller indentation). Plant them in hills about 6 inches apart and 4 inches deep. You can add fertilizer every month as it grows. It’s vital to protect the underground potato from direct sunlight, so keep it under the hill.

About three months after you plant, you can harvest small red potatoes, although it will get bigger if left for longer time. Once the leaves start to turn yellow, it’s time to harvest. Carefully dig up the potatoes so as not to hurt its thin skin. Store the potato in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Growing Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes are sometimes called Blue potatoes. It has high antioxidants and is very healthy. When cooked, they said to a blue color. Just like red potatoes, they do better in cool conditions and can be planted in the same way. 

To harvest, dig gently to check if the potato’s skin is attached firmly to the flesh and doesn’t come off easily. If it is, then wait a few more days before harvesting.

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