Herbalife Reviews – Protein Baked Good Mix 

Herbalife Reviews – Protein Baked Good Mix 

Since it’s been around since the 80s, you’ve likely heard of many Herbalife Nutrition products. I’d heard the company name-dropped from my friends and I knew some people who had tried their products, but I’d never tried it for myself. As I became more health-conscious, however, I thought why not see what the hype is about?

I started working out and part of my workout was work with free weights. Following the guidance of my trainer, I decided I wanted to incorporate more protein in my diet to help rebuild my muscles and just to eat healthier in general. I found that Herbalife had just released a new protein-packed baking mix made with healthy ingredients and additional protein.

Let’s take a look at what makes this mix so great and why I think you’ll love it, too.

What Is Herbalife Protein Baked Goods Mix?

Ultimately, this is a protein-packed pre-mixed baking mix that you can use alone or with other Herbalife protein powders. What caught my attention was the idea that you can mix the protein powder, the Baked Goods mix, and water in a mug and microwave it to make a quick, delicious muffin. I’ve eaten one every day for breakfast and since you can customize their taste with different protein powders, I cannot imagine I’ll be bored of it anytime soon.

Since you don’t need eggs or milk to make these mug muffins, they’re extremely convenient at the office or when running late in the morning. All of the Herbalife reviews I’ve seen online mention how convenient these products are.

Is it healthy, though?

Considering most mornings I would be eating a regular muffin or a donut — or nothing at all — these minute muffins are fantastically healthy. On its own, however, the mix is very nutritionally dense:

  • 24 g of high-quality protein
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • 190 calories
  • 5 g of fiber

These values are of course based on their prescribed serving size and will vary if you use more or less. It’s an easy way to get more protein into my diet, and that’s the main reason I was going to try it. Sometimes you simply don’t want a can of tuna or a protein shake and would rather eat a muffin or a stack of indulgent waffles instead. Now I can get my protein and satisfy my baked-goods cravings as well.

Can you make other foods with Herbalife Baked Goods Mix?

This was the best part of picking this product up, honestly. Herbalife Nutrition created a little recipe book to use with the mix. One of my absolute favorites — and my children’s’ as well — are the banana caramel waffles.

While you can make a variety of breakfast foods, like fresh orange protein donuts, which my wife devoured. The recipe calls for orange extract, but we used fresh-squeezed juice with just a bit of orange zest and they were INCREDIBLE.

While this recipe book has seven delicious breakfast foods, you can get creative on your own, figuring out new and inventive ways to sub this in for other similar products.

Is Herbalife Nutrition Baked Goods Mix Worth It?

Ultimately, I am quite happy with this purchase and I will continue to use it. It tastes great, provides quality nutrition, and boosts my protein intake when I don’t feel like eating meat. It mixes easily as a base for protein muffins in the microwave for on-the-go breakfasts (or snacks, let’s be real).

If you’re looking to amp up your nutrition with a delicious twist, check out the Protein Baked Goods mix.

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