Know About The Latest Trends In Preventing Hair Loss

Know About The Latest Trends In Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that results in the rapid fall of hair due to many reasons. It is has become a widespread problem these days. This condition could be treated through supplements for hair loss. 

Reasons For Hair Loss

There could be many reasons for the loss of hair. The growth and health of the hair are determined by several factors. On average, a human loses eighty strands of hair per day. Men are much prone to this problem than women. Let’s discuss some reasons for hair loss.

  • Genetics is considered one of the main factors for hair loss. The androgenic receptor in the female X chromosome carries the gene for hair growth. Any mutation or variation in this gene could result in problems related to hair like hair fall and hair thinning. It generally results in male patterned baldness or female pattern baldness.
  • Hormonal factors could also be responsible for hair loss. A hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the main reason for hair weakening. DHT is a derivative of testosterone. When testosterone converts into DHT in the oil glands of a hair follicle, DHT binds itself to the follicular androgen receptor resulting in shrinking of the hair follicle and hindering its growth. A high level of DHT is considered very harmful for hair growth.
  • Diet also plays a very vital role in hair growth and maintenance. Protein is the building block of the body. Not taking enough protein in your diet could stop your hair growth. Taking too much vitamin A is also considered bad for hair health.
  • Besides these causes, various environmental factors such as pollution, excess moisture on the scalp, or radiation could also be responsible for hair loss.

There are many other factors apart from the aforementioned ones which affect the health of hair including stress, anemia, hypothyroidism, excess use of hair styling products, etc.

These ingredients are vital for hair growth. Buy a product with zero side effects. The supplement may have a lot of chemicals that could have severe side effects. This can affect your hair scalp and even result in permanent balding. Look for a premium quality product. Do not compromise with quality when it comes to supplements for hair loss. A high-quality supplement ensures natural and healthy growth of hair without any harmful side effects. Getting the best supplement store near me that is cost-effective and natural could be beneficial for you. After all, beautiful hair is a sign of a beautiful body.

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