Types Of Leather Holster

Leather holster is a type of pistol holster that are crafted from leather as opposed to other materials. Leather holsters keep the pistol safe and are comfortable to wear, which is why they are a top choice among gun owners. However, they are often more expensive than other types of holsters and may require greater care to stay in good shape. Leather holsters are the best for carrying handguns in plain sight because they break in to fit the shape of the gun. 

The holster’s overall comfort while being worn is enhanced by this material. Find a concealable holster that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. If the leather holster is uncomfortable, you won’t want to use it regularly and won’t be able to use it reliably. This scenario renders a gun on your person for protection useless.


The LS2 IWB Leather Holster is a good choice, and it costs $25.99. Produced from authentic leather and dyed by hand to preserve the leather’s individuality. After the holster is shaped, it is cured and hardened to ensure it keeps its shape. Outbags USA is a family-owned business making high-quality gun holsters since 1996. All their goods are created locally in the USA, and both shipping and returns are on the house. Outbags USA is your best bet if you want a leather holster that won’t break the bank. 

Concealed carry holsters

With an IWB holster, you may conceal your weapon within your pants for maximum stealth. It fits into your pants and secures with belt loops or clips. Sticky holsters are one type of holster that can stay in place without the need of clips or hooks. Whether it’s made of civilian or military materials, an IWB won’t take away from your style. Leather, Kydex, and other synthetics are only some of the materials used to make them. If you want to carry a concealed weapon but can’t due to practical considerations, IWB is your best bet. 

It offers a number of practical carry options that make it easy to get to and use a pistol in an emergency. The holster can be worn in a few different ways, making it easier to shield yourself and your firearm from close-quarters battle or an attempt to disarm you. A stealthy draw will reveal it. 

Shoulder holstersShoulder holsters can hold a service handgun or a full-size gun, as well as extra magazines. A coat or jacket is a great option if you need to conceal a full-size pistol. If you keep your gun tucked under your arm, it will be difficult for an attacker to remove it from its holster and use it against you. Shoulder leather holster are usually made of leather and are worn draped over the shoulder to conceal a firearm. No matter how big the pistol is, it is always holstered under one arm, along with any extra magazines. Shoulder holsters do not typically have a fastening across the chest, but the pistol and magazine ride height can be adjusted.