What are the different types of physiotherapy?

What are the different types of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy increases the mobility after an injury and it is beneficial in old age. There are several benefits of physiotherapy. Before starting physiotherapy, we are supposed to understand different kinds of physical therapy.

It is a guaranteed way to get instant relief in case of unbearable pain or achieve better mobility after an injury.  

Pediatric physiotherapy

You may not be aware of pediatric physiotherapy because it often goes unnoticed. These treatments are beneficial in the proper development of a child mentally as well as physically. Most of us cannot even think about taking our child to physiotherapist – Toronto, but it has several advantages. In case you notice that, your child is unable to balance while walking or he has some difficulty in walking because of an injury.

 Advantages of pediatric physiotherapy

  • It will improve the motor skills in your child.
  • Physiotherapy can deal with developmental delays, genetic disorders, and congenital disabilities of your child.
  • It will enhance your child’s endurance power, strength and balancing.

Geriatric physiotherapy

We all are aware that our metabolic rate slows down, as we get older. Age is just not a number; it also brings several underlying problems along with it. In order to prevent the already existing problems and to avoid future problems geriatric physiotherapy is the right solution. It will help you maintain a good health in your later years. This will enable your ageing muscles to work efficiently. This will help you avoid old age injuries.

Advantages of geriatric physiotherapy

  • It will restore your strength and mobility.
  • It will correct you posture when you will be able to avoid bad posture.
  • It will decrease pain.
  • It will improve your fitness level.

Neurological physiotherapy

This kind of therapy is given to the people who have nervous system related problems. It may be head injuries, Parkinson’s diseases, sciatica and others as well. Neurological physiotherapy will not only help you to regain your mobility, it will also help you avoid those problems, which may arise because of neuromuscular systems.

 Advantages of neurological physiotherapy

  • It will improve hand to eye coordination and motor control.
  • It is beneficial after brain surgery
  • It will rebuild neural pathways.

Cardio respiratory physiotherapy

This therapy is given to those people who are suffering from lungs, chest or heart diseases.

Advantages of cardio respiratory physiotherapy

  • Resistance training will enhance your power.
  • Good for optimal lung expansion
  • It is advised for shortness of breath

Pain management

Physiotherapy works great when you want to get rid of unwanted pains in the body. It will help you to cope with post-surgery complications and sports injury.

physiotherapist – Toronto, pain management works on pre-surgery as well as on post-surgery pain.

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