Buy CBD Online: New Medicine For Curing The Old Deadly Disease

Buy CBD Online: New Medicine For Curing The Old Deadly Disease

In the past cancer was deemed as being incurable, in fact, the later stages of cancer are still incurable but now medical sciences have advanced enough to find a cure for the initial stage of cancer. Cures which include intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy or cannabis oil cancer cure.You can buy CBD online easily. 

What is cancer?

Most people know cancer to be a fatal and incurable disease, but only a few of them know what actually cancer is. To put it simply, cancer is the uncontrollable growth of body tissue accompanied by tissue necrosis (death of tissue cells).

Normally in a body, old cells die naturally and spontaneously and the existing cells undergo cell division to replace the old ones. Thus, every cell in our body multiplies to produce new cells (except for nerve and muscle cells). The body contains specific genes (oncogenes) that dictate the growth and division of cells and genes that start and stops the process of cell division

Cancer is a disease that causes a mutation in these genes thus these genes become hyperactive, producing more and more cells which results in the formation of a tumor. This is the initial stage of cancer which can be treated via cannabis oil cancer cure

As the tumor starts the grow, the tumor cells break away from it and travel to other parts of the body causing multiple tumors inside the body. These tumors then mutate the genes of the nearby cells causing them to divide uncontrollably completely abandoning their normal bodily functions. As the bodily functions start to die so do the person.

Cannabis oil – What is it and how can it cure initial stages of cancer?

Cannabis oil is an oil-like substance extracted from the cannabis plant ( Cannabis sativa) which contains chemicals like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which is combined with certain chemicals to stabilize these compounds and to increase their potency.

The cannabis oil works in two ways – 

  • In order to cure cancer, it targets the mutated cells and kills them. This is achieved by the production of ceramide in the infected cells. The excess of which kills the mitochondria of the cell and since ‘mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell’, the cells starve to death.
  • It reduces pain by blocking synaptic receivers of the brain, thereby making the chemotherapy less painful.

As said earlier, cannabis oil cancer cure only works in the initial stage of cancer but researchers and tests are being done to make it effective in the more advanced stages and who knows maybe this incurable disease can be cured in the future.

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