Vertical Blinds Offer Classy Coverage For Large Windows – Choose Modern Styles For Great Looks

When you have an extra large window or sliding patio door, vertical blinds really are the best window covering solution. But you don’t have to resign yourself to choosing function over aesthetics. With today’s huge selection in attractive, practical blinds, your new vertical window blinds can add beauty as well as privacy and light control to your home.

Fabric Verticals
For a flowing, curtain-like look, fabric vertical blinds are a great solution. This system utilizes the hardware structure of traditional verticals with a beautiful fabric overlay. An ideal compromise between the practicality of track-mounted shades and the soft look of draperies, these curtain-like blinds combine form and function for an attractive, practical window covering.

Sheer Verticals
Similar to other styles of fabric verticals, sheer vertical blinds provide a distinctive combination of curtain-like appearance and traditional vertical blinds performance. With the sophisticated look of sheer fabric (and its privacy and light-filtering function), this newer window treatment style of provides the easy operation and flexibility of blinds. Perfect for formal spaces like living rooms and dining rooms, these blinds provide the needed coverage without detracting from the elegance of the space.

Sliding Panel Verticals
Another alternative to classic verticals is the innovative sliding panel window shade. Unlike traditional vertical window blinds, this window treatment doesn’t use rotating vanes to screen your windows. Instead, a series of sliding panels are mounted on a track, allowing you slide them back and forth for full or partial coverage. Made of fabric, roller shade material, or even natural woven materials, sliding panel shades are available in opaque, sheer, and light-controlling options. Offering clean lines and a modern look, sliding window panels are a creative alternative for coverage and privacy for homeowners who dislike the look of traditional vinyl verticals.

Cellular Verticals
This high-tech variation on classic vertical window blinds provides insulation as well as privacy and light-control. Each vane has a special elliptical shape that creates a pocket of air-their uniquely shaped profile forms an overlapping air-screen to help keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer. Up to 20% more efficient than other vertical slats, vertical cellular blinds are a great solution for increasing the energy-efficiency of your home and adding style to your windows at the same time!

Vertical blinds are the logical solution for covering those extra large windows and doors, but you don’t have to settle for the so-so looks of traditional PVC blinds. With today’s huge selection of innovative high-quality, superior performance vertical window blinds, there are numerous other options for effective, attractive window treatments. Contact your local window shade [] dealer to learn more about modern blind solutions for your home.

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